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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

M Stars Competition Winners Revealed!

Well, two things were revealed at M Stars, the Musical Theatre competition; one, that next year's KS3 Musical is going to be the amazing ‘We Will Rock You’, and two, that we have the most amazingly, talented, resilient, determined and fun-loving students at Churchill, past and present.

The main aim of the M Stars Competition is to provide a platform for students to shine in the world of Musical Theatre, and this year we had 20 amazing performances from current students who battled it out for the chance to be named the M Stars 2024 winners. 

Compering the event were our Year 13 students Matt Lucas, Aled Ball and Arran Weeks, who, for the past seven years, brought so much to the Performing Arts department. We were so grateful to have them return from their study leave to knit together the transition between acts so seamlessly via their wit, comic timing and professionalism. 

The event also brought the return of some of our Performing Arts alumni. We were pleased to welcome Lorin Henderson, George Derry, Sam Thompson and Molly Axtell as the competition judges. All of these past students have successful careers in the Performing Arts, making them the ideal judges for the event. 

The show opened with the performance of Queen’s ‘Play the Game’ from Gray Oakes and Lily Spry’s band, which delivered an electrifying cheer when the audience discovered that our KS3 Musical in January 2025 is We Will Rock You!

The talent show brought an incredible amount of energy and the audience was treated to an array of entertainment, with students singing, dancing, playing and even some rapping. Voting for the acts was open to the audience and judges, who all had the difficult task of selecting their favourite performance. 

Whilst the votes were counted, our Year 12 Performing Arts students performed two songs from Hairspray - another hit with the audience - and we presented next year’s Performing Arts Captains with their badges.

Every single student deserved an award after creating such a spectacular event, but only eight awards were available. We’re pleased to announce the winners were: 

  • Dance Star - Leah Gordon
  • Singing Star - Mia Buckley and Anna Stoneman
  • Acting Star - April Cashman
  • Music Star - Year 12 Band
  • Group Star - Ben Marks, Ash Shipton, Anna Pope and Ceci Brumby
  • Audience Star - Izzy Russe and Ailidh Bowers
  • Rising Star - Joe Marks and Joey Clausen
  • Superstar - Holly Phippen, Brooke Austin and Molly Blundell

Congratulations to all the students who took part. It was a pleasure to watch these young performers develop independently and with so much enjoyment and always a smile on their faces! Thank you to the judges and the audience for helping us to put on such a magical event.