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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

The Art of Science

This week the Science department challenged students to take a creative approach to their learning. We’re really impressed with the hands-on experiment and science-based conclusions. Read on to discover the tasks. 

Plasma Membrane Models

Our Year 12 Science students were tasked with creating models of the plasma membrane within a time limit of just 25 minutes. 

This hands-on activity was designed to provide students with a creative and interactive way to apply their knowledge, which can significantly aid in learning and retention. The models created by the students were impressive, showcasing their deep understanding of the subject. 

We are really impressed with the models they created, which clearly demonstrated their level of understanding and ability to work as a team.


Insulated Cups Research

Xavier, in Year 8, took his science homework to the next level by researching insulated cups and developing his own design for the ultimate insulated cup. 

He went above and beyond by performing an experiment on different cups, testing which ones stayed hottest the longest, with and without lids. 

Xavier's dedication to his homework shows his passion for science and his willingness to go the extra mile to achieve success. His curiosity and innovative thinking are impressive and will undoubtedly lead to future achievements in the field of science. 

For his exceptional work, he was awarded three house points.