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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Students cook up a storm in Food and Nutrition this week!

This week the Food and Nutrition classes have been busy producing dishes worthy of a Michelin Star! Read on to discover what culinary skills they’ve leant. 

Mussels Workshop

Recently, the Food department received a unique delivery of fresh mussels. These mussels were used in our classrooms to teach students about cooking shellfish. 

Our Year 7s and one of our Year 10 groups had an opportunity to work with the mussels. For some students, it was their first time tasting mussels. However, they were thrilled with the experience and enjoyed tasting their own cooking at the end of the session. 

Overall, it was a great success and a wonderful learning opportunity for all the students involved.

Prawns Cook Off!

Our Year 10 students engaged in a cooking competition where they paired up to deshell, devein, prepare and cook whole prawns in a kung pao sauce. 

The students' hard work paid off as they produced some visually stunning dishes that filled the kitchen with a mouth-watering aroma. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winners, but in the end, Amy Bissett and Elloise Ware emerged victorious. 

The students' creativity, focus and teamwork were impressive and the competition provided a great opportunity for them to apply their culinary skills, as well as learn from one another. We are proud of all the participants who put in their best effort and demonstrated their passion for cooking. 

Congratulations to Amy and Elloise on their well-deserved win!


Marvellous Marble Cakes

Our Year 9 students recently took on the challenge of creating Marble Tray Bakes and we couldn't be more impressed with their efforts. 

It was wonderful to see each student engaged and enthusiastic about their work, taking pride in their creations and displaying their skills. 

We want to take a moment to congratulate them on a job well done! It's always inspiring to see young minds exploring and discovering their creativity and we're glad to have been a part of this experience with them. 

We hope that this project has encouraged them to continue exploring new ideas and skills, and we look forward to seeing what they create next. Keep up the great work!


Pastry Chefs in the Making

Our Year 9 students had an exciting week learning how to create the classic French pastry, Palmiers. 

Through hands-on experience, they were able to explore the art of baking while discovering new flavours and techniques. The students learned how to fold puff pastry into the signature palm-shaped design and they were able to develop their baking skills and creativity. 

The Palmiers were a hit and the students were proud to share their creations. We believe that this experience will not only help the students develop their culinary skills but also encourage them to explore new cuisines and cultures.