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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Berlin Trip 2023

On Thursday 19th November, thirteen sixth formers left for Berlin, Germany, where they spent four days exploring the city and learning about its past.

The first day included an extensive 4-hour walking tour of the city, which ended with a moving stroll through The Jewish Holocaust Memorial at night.

On the second day, they went underground to the World War II shelters that the Germans had used during RAF bombing raids. After that, they had an interesting tour of the SS headquarters and saw a presentation about Nazi terror.

They travelled to Sachenhausen by train on Saturday. At this former Concentration Camp, there was a lot for students to see and learn, and they were eager to hear about other people's experiences.

Sunday concluded with a visit to the East Side Gallery, which is a mile-long stretch of the former Berlin Wall featuring artwork from artists all over the world.

We are grateful to the students who participated in the trip and walked more than 50 km without complaining, adding to the trip's value and enjoyment.

The students returned with a newfound respect for the resilience of the human spirit and a deeper understanding of the importance of cherishing our past.