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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Spooktacular Bake Off 2023

The Spooktacular Bake Off held this year was a remarkable achievement. The students' participation was overwhelming, and we were astounded by the exceptional entries.

Hanover House stood out as the most active group of bakers, with the highest number of entries. We were impressed by the creativity and effort put into the baking, and it was delightful to see the students' passion for the competition. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome of this year's event. We are grateful for the enthusiasm exhibited by the students and hope to see this level of engagement in upcoming events.

Well done to all that have entered and the winners are as follows: 


1st Erin Tams

2nd Sid, Beth & Peggy Stanley-Whiteley



1st Edward Parry

2nd Enora Hutchinson

3rd Zoe Wooller WLPB & Sophie Thrupp



1st Isobel Caiger

2nd Megan Hussey

3rd Xavier Keirle



1st Kate Hancock

2nd Hattie Holland

3rd Ben Bugler



1st Lauren Knight

2nd Nino Apriamashvili

3rd Lewis Derrick & Henry Garrett


Sixth Form

Phoebe Johnston