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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Dance Live Finals

After our win in the semi-finals in Poole, we embarked on a long journey to perform in the Grand Final at the prestigious Portsmouth Guildhall on Wednesday 26th April.

We knew that the competition would be extremely strong after Dance Live gathered all the best establishments for dance from around the country.  We were not wrong.

We watched performance after performance with mouths wide open, observing in awe the unbelievable talent on stage. But this did not deter us; in fact, this made us stronger and more determined than ever to give our absolute all. 

After our rehearsals, and a few blood injuries, we headed upstairs to the changing rooms to prepare ourselves for the long and tiring night ahead.  After listening to our semi-final feedback, we had evolved physically, mentally and aesthetically to be more ready than we had ever been.  Nerves were high but so were the views of our ongoing Instagram story feed as we showed our readiness and teamwork!

The time came and we were led down to the stage ready to perform to open the second half of the show.  It felt like an age to get started as Churchill staff watched from the auditorium.  The interval music stopped, the host introduced us, and we began. 

What happened over the next 7 minutes was beyond perfection, a demonstration of how to take feedback and a team performance that was full of understanding and drive.  You had to be there! You really did to feel the full force of this performance.

Exhausted, as we stepped off the stage, we waited for the rest of the schools to perform and then waited in anticipation for the result.  We were always positive, but realistic, that placing in the top three of the country was a tall order.  All crowded around a single laptop, we heard third place and the cheers echoed somewhere in the realms of the historic Guildhall.  Our hopes were diminishing but we remained fixated on the screen.  Then, eventually, second was called....CHURCHILL ACADEMY & SIXTH FORM!  The room went crazy.  The energy was insane! I do believe there were tears. 

Those emotions, the prize and placing, and the Dance Live Class of 2023 memories of a lifetime thoroughly deserved.  

We may not have won but 2nd place in the country and first state school has a pretty amazing ring to it! 

Mr Buckley

Watch a video of the semi-final performance and see a gallery of pictures below: