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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Stuart House

Head of House's Introduction

I am delighted to formally welcome you to the Stuart House webpage at Churchill Academy & Sixth Form. Stuart House is a smaller school community with its own unique profile and character. As Head of Stuart House, I aim to ensure that all students receive high quality pastoral and academic support as well as a wider education that prepares students for an ever changing world. Providing a happy, nurturing and supportive school environment is my overriding priority.

Upon joining Churchill, students are allocated into one of the twelve Stuart House Tutor Groups. Students get the opportunity to enjoy twenty minutes at the start of every school day in these groups. In Tutor Time students socialise with their peers, receive important messages for the day ahead and cover a life skills curriculum. Tutors are the integral first point of contact for all students and families and build a close positive professional relationship with their tutees. The Tutor Group acts as a small school family with a vertical tutoring system that promotes friendships across all year groups. Younger students will also be paired with an older ‘student buddy’ that provides a further network of peer support.

Whether a current or prospective affiliate I would once again like to welcome you to the Stuart House section of the Churchill Academy website and I hope you enjoy exploring the associated pages.

House Identity

This academic year the Stuart students have been establishing a new House identity and ethos. Green has always been our House colour but we have been working together to create some more unique aspects to Stuart House.

Over the previous weeks students have been working collaboratively in their tutor groups to establish a new House identity. Each of the twelve Tutor Groups across the House have been brainstorming to provide suggestions for a Stuart charity, motto, logo, mascot and song. These suggestions were collated and then voted for by every student in the House.

The final results for these new criteria can be found below. This process will enable the Stuart community to move forward with a new House Identity that empowers student ownership and belonging to Stuart House.

Charity - The Grand Appeal

Motto -  ‘We can do it because we’re Stuart!’

Logo - Shield of arms with a green ‘S’ in the middle (currently being made by one of our Stuart students)

Mascot - Shrek 

Song -  "All Star" by Smash Mouth

Head of House

Alex Hayne

I was delighted to be appointed the new Head of Stuart House at the start of this year,
although I was Head of Hanover House since September 2021 and have been teaching at Churchill Academy since September 2005 as a Geography teacher.

A little more about me.







Student Leadership

At Churchill it’s extremely important that students’ opinions and ideas are heard and acted upon. To ensure this, two year 11 students, from each House, are chosen as House captains to represent their House each academic year. The House Captains act role models to all students in the House and represent the students at Academy meetings, events and fundraisers. Stuart House takes great  pride in the wider educational opportunities that are available to students alongside academic study. Stuart students are motivated to represent the House in competitions such as Sports Day (where we achieved consecutive victories in 2018 and 2019) as well as through the House Captains and House Council. The values of Churchill Academy & Sixth Form (kindness, curiosity and determination) are represented by all staff and students within the House and provide a sound set of attributes to aspire towards. Students are awarded at the end of each term for representing a chosen value.

We hope to give all students the opportunity to provide their opinions and ideas in how Stuart House is represented to the rest of the academy. Currently, we are working on Year 11 leavers’ book and helping to decide on the House motto, logo and song after receiving great suggestions from all the tutor groups throughout the House. We hope to make the most of the remaining year.