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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Hanover House

Head of House's Introduction

As Head of Hanover House, I aim to ensure that all students receive high quality pastoral and academic support from the Hanover tutor team which prepares them and gives them the confidence to access all aspects of life at the Academy. I endeavour to get to know all Hanover students, engage in positive conversations with them and be able to celebrate all their personal attributes that will make Hanover a diverse and special house.

Upon joining Churchill, students are allocated into a House Tutor Group. Students get the opportunity to enjoy twenty minutes at the start of every school day in these groups. Tutors are the integral first point of contact for all students and families and build a close positive professional relationship with their tutees. The Tutor Group acts as a small school family with a vertical tutoring system that promotes friendships across all year groups.

Younger students will also be paired with an older ‘student buddy’ that provides a further network of peer support. In Tutor Time students socialise with their peers and receive important messages for the day ahead. Tutors follow a Tutor Time Programme through the week, with one morning dedicated to silent reading, another to issues raised relating to Inclusion and Diversity, there is a weekly assembly slot, and another morning see’s tutor groups pitched against each other with quizzes and challenges.

Finally there is a slot for tutors to reflect on their tutees behaviour data and celebrate their successes. As a student in Hanover house and of the academy, they will be able to participate in house competitions, represent the school in sporting fixtures, participate in Performing Arts shows, play chess and much, much more.

I would once again like to welcome you to the Hanover House section of the Churchill Academy & Sixth Form website!

House Identity

Prior to me becoming Head of Hanover House, the students had had the opportunity to start to forge a House Identity. They had been given the opportunity to suggest and vote for a number of things that reflect Hanover House.

Here’s what the students came up with;
Charity: Alzheimer's Society
Motto: Going for Gold!
Logo: Honey bees around their hive
Song: ‘Never going to give you up’ Rick Astley, ‘Gold’ Spandau Ballet
Mascot: We have several Bee costumes which fly around the Academy at different times of the year!

Head of House

Andrew Slater

 It was a real privilege to be appointed as the Head of Hanover House in September 2023. I am excited for the opportunities this role brings, and hope to help the house ‘Go for Gold’ in all we do. I am also looking forward to building our sense of house community and identity, so students feel proud to be part of Hanover House and all it represents. Alongside my role as Head of House, I am a History teacher, and have been working at Churchill since September 2020. 

A little more about me.





Student Leadership

Student voice is something that the pastoral team is working hard to develop to ensure that students input is both valued and acted upon with the aim to develop that sense of belonging to the school community.

To assist in supporting this two year 11 students from Hanover House are chosen to work alongside the House Captains from the other four houses. House Captains act as role models for all students in their House and represent these students at Academy meetings, events and fundraisers.

The calibre of applicants for this years’ house captaincy was exceptionally high which made the task a lovely problem to solve. We ask that all of our students follow the core Churchill values of Kindness, Curiosity and Determination and our House captains are leading from the front with this with rewards handed out at the end of term for those individuals who have represented these to a high standard. 

The student council has also been set up to allow student representatives from each tutor group to work closely with Mr Davies to ensure student voice is represented at all levels across the Academy. I look forward to seeing what they do!