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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is taken in addition to your other Sixth Form subjects. It an AQA Level 3 course and is equivalent to an AS Level. Essentially it is a 5000 word project, chosen on a topic of your choice that you are not currently studying as part of your A Level specifications. There are a number of taught sessions delivered by a team of supervisors as well as regular review meetings.


The EPQ requires you to:

  • Choose an area of interest
  • Draft a title and aims of the project for formal approval by the centre
  • Plan, research and carry out the project
  • Deliver a presentation to a specified audience of fellow students and your supervisor
  • Provide evidence of all stages of project through a production log


Subject specific entry requirement: There are no entry requirements for undertaking the EPQ; however you should appreciate that it is designed to extend your ability to plan, research and develop an idea and produce work that prepares you for University level.
Qualification: Level 3 
Topics and areas covered:

You can complete your EPQ on any topic area that interests you, it might be related to a career you are interested in, a hobby or an extension to a favourite topic within a subject that you want to learn more about. A 5000 word dissertation or the production of an artefact such as a performance piece, a dance a presentation to a group or a scientific report. You then deliver a presentation to a group of individuals about the “journey” you have been on throughout your project. The written report is then submitted to your supervisor for marking. You will receive a grade for your project equivalent to an AS level which you can use to support your UCAS application.

Future career path: The versatility of English Literature means the subject can lead to careers in journalism, law, teaching, marketing, media or advertising amongst others. 
Examination information: There is no examination. The EPQ is assessed on your production log and project product. 
Additional information: You will be assigned a supervisor who will meet with you at specific intervals during your project to review your progress and support you with the completion of your EPQ. You will also deliver your presentation to your supervisor who will also mark your finished project.