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A Level Law is a popular and highly respected course which can lead to a wide range of legal based career opportunities. Law is an ever developing subject so an interest and awareness of cases reported often serve as good discussion points used in class. With legal issues constantly in the news and laws changing in the UK, it is a great opportunity to study this fascinating subject. During the 2 years of this course we will investigate: The Nature of law, Civil, Criminal and Humans Rights Law. Topics for civil law include:  Fault. Magistrates and Negligence. Some of the criminal topics include Murder, Defences, Theft and Attempts. You will learn how the legal system works within the UK and EU and how laws are made and used within the courts. You will use analytical skills to help interpret case law in order to advise on legal issues taught and you will gain an in depth understanding of how laws are made and interpreted.

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry plus Grade 5 in GCSE English (Lit or Lang) 
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:

Year 12 

Nature of law and English Legal System, Criminal law part 1 , Civil Law part 1

Year 13 

Criminal law par 2 , Civil Law part  2 and Human Rights 

Future career path: Studying Law at A Level doesn't only lead to a future careers in the field of law such as Legal personnel, Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister, Judge, Legal Executive, but many other fields such as Police work, Teaching, Researcher, Banking, Journalism plus many more!
Examination information: 3 papers on Criminal, Civil and Human Rights (100% exam)
Skills required:

Ability to recall case law and points of law, analytical and logical thinking skills, good organisational skills plus extended and evaluative writing skills

Additional information:

We arrange tips Bristol Crown Court in Year 12 and 13. 


Cannot be studied as an AS Level (4th choice).