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Your phone runs on Maths, aeroplanes stay in the air because of Maths, dosages of medicines are measured using Maths, diseases are analysed and prevented using Maths, Formula 1 cars are streamlined using Maths, weather is predicted using Maths, financial systems fluctuate because of Maths, space shuttles are launched because of Maths. Studying Maths beyond GCSE only opens doors.

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry plus Grade 6 in GCSE Maths
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:
  • Pure Mathematics: algebra, proof, geometry, functions, differentiation, integration
  • Mechanics: vectors, movement, forces, Newton’s Laws (topics help with Physics)
  • Statistics: data analysis, probability, hypothesis testing (topics help with Psychology, Geography, Biology, Economics)
Future career path:

The list of careers involving Maths is huge and varied. Mathematical experts are in demand across all kinds of industries. Examples of career possibilities include:

  • Mathematician!
  • Engineer (Aeronautical, Environmental, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, …)
  • Astronaut
  • Financial adviser
  • Data analyst
  • Scientist
  • Meteorologist
  • Cryptographer (a.k.a. Spy)

Many university courses explicitly mention the Maths A-level in their entry requirements. For any student who is considering going to university in two/ three years’ time, we recommend that they take a look at some university entry requirements for the subjects that they may take. These requirements are easily found on university websites: search for “undergraduate entry requirements”

Examination information: 100% exam; three papers taken at the end of Year 13
Additional information:
  • UKMT National Challenge competitions
  • Trips to universities
  • Weekly support sessions after school

What our students say:

  • “I think Maths complements my other subjects very well as they require these skills in many of the calculations involved.”
  • “I need it to do the course I'd like to do at University.”
  • “Because I love it and find it really satisfying when I find the answers. It makes sense.”
  • “I knew A-Level Maths was going to be a challenge, but decided it definitely would be worth it because it is such a useful subject and it is also a very well respected A-Level among employers and universities.”