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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Core Maths

Core Maths is a Level 3 qualification to be taken alongside your other three or four Sixth Form subjects. The course is aimed at students who would benefit from studying Maths beyond GCSE but cannot study for an A-level in Maths. 

The Core Maths qualification is designed to maintain and develop real-life mathematical skills. The content is not purely theoretical or abstract: it can be directly applied to work, life and other subjects.


Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry Plus Grade 4 in Maths
Qualification: Level 3 (Equivalent to AS Level) 
Topics and areas covered:
  • Personal finance: budgeting, saving, interest on accounts, income tax and student loans
  • Data analysis, including techniques used in A Level Psychology, Geography and Sociology
  • Interpreting the types of graphs and charts that are regularly used in A-level Sciences, Business Studies and Economics
  • Estimating numbers relevant to business needs e.g. electricity usage given the size of a household, petrol usage given distance travelled, income from membership fees, the amount of waste produced by a city, the length of time it might take to save up for a holiday, …
  • Using probability in context e.g. to calculate the riskiness of an investment or to calculate how confident you are in the results of an experiment.
  • Consideration of how data can be used in the media to deliberately mislead people
Future career path: As Core Maths covers a multitude of topics and areas, it not only would benefit your existing studies, but provide skills transferable to any future career path!  
Examination information: 100% exam; two papers taken at the end of Year 12
Additional information:

The applicability of Core Maths to the Maths used in A Level courses will help you to perform better in your other subjects. A Level subjects specifically supported by Core Maths include: 

  • Applied Science
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology