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Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Government & Politics

Are you intrigued by politics? Curious about government, how it works and what it is really for? Planning a career in the civil service? Then A Level Politics is the course for you. It is the perfect course for those looking to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, as well as those looking to study the subject at university level. Studying A Level Politics at Churchill Academy will provide insight into political beliefs central to an understanding of the modern world. It also develops analytical and evaluative skills in relative to interesting topics prevalent in the tumultuous political climate of today.

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry plus a Grade 5 in GCSE in any Humanities subject
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:

Unit 1

Democracy in the context of the UK, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the role of the media, 

Ideologies of Socialism, Liberalism and Conservatism

Unit 2

UK constitution and parliament, The Judiciary, The Prime Minister and The Executive

Unit 3

The US Constitution, US federalism, US Supreme Court and civil rights and US Congress

Future career path:

A Level Politics provides an excellent background for careers in law, journalism, the caring professions, teaching, and a range of management and business areas.

Examination information: A Level Politics is examined through three separate exams at the end of Year 13. There is no coursework.
Additional information: Churchill Politics has a terrific reputation for trips where students get to see the places that they have studied in the classroom.  We have had visits to the Westminster Parliament as well as overseas trips to Washington DC to see how American politics compares to British politics.  We regularly have visits from our local MP and have a fine tradition of success in Dr Liam Fox’s parliamentary debating competition.