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Media Studies*​​​​​​​

Are you a Youtuber in the making, the next Louis Theroux or someone who just loves the media? Have you ever felt like you’ve ‘completed Netflix’? Do you find yourself chatting about the latest blockbuster film, TV series or newest game release? Are you just a social media scroller with lots of opinions? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then Media Studies is for you. 

Media Studies is the study of all things Media – from TV and Film to Video Games, Podcasts, Magazines, Newspapers and more. We look at what makes things successful, why groups are represented differently in the media and how audiences help shape the media. You’ll get to grips with how Media Language is used to communicate meanings, how the media represent events, issues, individuals and social groups, how the media industries’ processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and platforms and how media forms target, reach and address audiences. 

You’ll study a series of ‘set texts’ (like the books you studied in English but this time they’ll be music videos, TV episodes, film franchises etc) and will become experts in analysing those texts. 

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Subject specific entry requirement:

Standard Sixth Form entry including Grade 5 in GCSE English Lit/Lang
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:
  • TV in the global age
  • Online media
  • Magazines - mainstream and alternative
  • Newspapers
  • The video game industry
  • Podcasting and radio
  • Music video
  • Advertising and marketing
Future career path: The versatility of English Literature means the subject can lead to careers in Film/Television production, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Fashion/ Art Photography, Psychology, Sociology, and Cultural studies.
Examination information: It's also a very creative subject with a piece of coursework in Year 13 where you are given the task of creating your very own music video for a song of your choice. You will plan it, storyboard it, film it and edit it yourself.
Additional information: