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Criminology is the scientific study of criminal behaviour, on individual, social and natural levels, and how it can be managed, controlled and prevented.

This course will enable students to use theories of criminality to analyse criminal situations and make recommendations for policy. Students also develop the knowledge and skills to research policy in practice, assess campaigns for changes in awareness and examine information to review verdicts in criminal cases. 

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry 
Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Criminology
Topics and areas covered:

Changing Awareness of Crime – The focus of the unit is on unreported crime and the consequences of such crimes. The unit will also introduce media representation of crime and how campaigns for change can raise awareness of unreported crimes in society.


Criminological Theories – This unit focuses on why people commit crime and includes a study of a range of theories of criminality.


Crime Scene to Courtroom – The focus of Unit 3 is the Criminal Justice System from the identification of the crime through to the verdict. This unit will allow candidates to gain the understanding and skills to be able to examine the validity of verdicts given in criminal cases.


Crime and Punishment – This unit focusses on applying students’ understanding of theories and processes of bringing the accused to court, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of social control.

Future career path: Studying Criminology can help students to progress on to further study or work in this area. Particularly relevant career paths that this could lead towards would include policing, social work, probation, youth work or legal careers.
Examination information: 50% exam; 50% controlled assessment. One exam unit and one coursework unit will be completed in Year 12. One exam unit and one coursework unit will be completed in Year 13.
Additional information: The course will follow the WJEC Eduqas specification