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Geography A Level provides students with the opportunity to grapple with some of the biggest issues facing the world today. As our planet increasingly comes under pressure from rising populations, resource shortages and climate change, geographers will be at the forefront of finding solutions to these challenges. Understanding that Geography is part of all aspects of life will enable students to engage critically with real world issues and develop their knowledge and love of places. Students studying geography will be required to build on their current knowledge, understanding and skills to further explore our changing world and keep up to date with current case studies.

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry + Level 5 in Geography
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:

Year 12

Topic 1 – Tectonic processes and hazards

Topic 2 – Landscape systems, processes and change: Coastal landscapes

Topic 3 – Globalisation

Topic 4 – Shaping places and Regenerating places

Coursework: Independent investigation

Year 13

Topic 5 – The water cycle and water insecurity 

Topic 6 – The carbon cycle and energy security 

Topic 7 – Superpowers 

Topic 8 – Global development and connections: Health, human rights and intervention.

Future career path:

Geography is a broad subject, important in its own right yet complements other subjects well. Geography provides many transferable skills, valued by all employers.

Careers which may specifically use Geography include: Cartographer, Hydrologist, Weather Presenter, Estate Manager, Town Planner, Teacher, Aid Worker, Travel Agent, Remote Sensing Analyst, Geologist, Flood Prevention Officer, Conservation Officer, Transport Manager, Diplomat, Charity Coordinator, Eco-Tourism Advisor, Civil Engineer, Refugee Advisor, GIS specialist and many, many more.

Examination information:

3 Exams at end of Year 13

Paper 1 – Physical Geography – 2 hrs 15 mins – 30% of A Level

Paper 2 – Human Geography – 2 hrs 15 mins – 30% of A Level

Paper 3 – Synoptic Paper – 2 hrs 15 mins – 20% of A Level

Independent Investigation (Coursework) – 20% of A Level

Additional information:

There are 4 days compulsory fieldwork which is undertaken as a residential trip to a Field Studies Centre at Slapton Ley, Devon in Year 12.