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English Language

English Language is, quite simply, the study of words – how we first learn to use them, how we instinctively know how to adapt them for different purposes and how something as simple as a word can carry such weight and meaning. Words fulfil certain purposes - it might be to offend someone, to present facts or to flatter someone. Words are chosen differently depending on audiences because we all know we probably wouldn’t speak to Mr Hildrew in the same was as we would our mates! Words can even reveal attitudes and evoke emotions and can hold such power. 

In English Language you will study spoken and written word and investigate the presentation of stereotypes in the media, learn a huge range of new linguistic terms, explore how language changes when used for written, spoken and electronic communication, discover how children develop their ability to use language, create your own original texts and uncover why language changes across time and place. 

You will study how language can change based on gender, geography, class, ethnicity and occupation. You’ll learn how children learn to speak which is truly a fascinating feat. You’ll discuss how words come in and out of use and how it changes over time. You’ll even get to create your own creative piece on a topic of your choice.

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Subject specific entry requirement: Standard Sixth Form entry plus Grade 5 in GCSE English Language
Qualification: A Level
Topics and areas covered:



Future career path: The versatility of English Literature means the subject can lead to careers in journalism, law, teaching, marketing, media or advertising amongst others. 
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